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infocus brings exceptional ophthalmic care to patients in your community.

Expand your service offerings to ophthalmology without the large capital investment. With infocus services, you will be able to offer state of the art surgery in your local hospital. We provide the equipment and ophthalmic tech support that you need to perform exceptional care to your patients. infocus provides cutting edge technology in phaco, retina, and intraocular lenses.

Recruit Top Talent with Modern Resources and Technology


We carry a wide variety of lenses to support your practice from brands like Bausch and Lomb, Alcon Labs, Johnson and Johnson and Rayner.


We bring in the best equipment to support accuracy and efficiency with microscopes from brands like Alcon, Zeiss, Leica and phacoemulsification systems from Alcon, Johnson and Johnson, Bausch and Lomb among others.


Let us support your instruments with brands like Bausch and Lomb, Alcon Labs, Katena, Asico and Microsurgical Technology.

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