Getting Back to Why You Started
Practicing Medicine

Are you looking for ways to supplement your income?

Do you wish you could spend more time practicing medicine?

Would you like to give back and support rural communities?

Greater Access to Surgical Care. All In Reach.

Help bring quality surgical solutions to rural communities and supplement your existing practice.

inReach Health matches surgeons with rural community hospitals to improve access to quality healthcare and bring better outcomes to remote patients. Partner with us to explore a rewarding career and to power a healthier and more equitable America. Sign on for as little as two days a month to build a permanent program with support from our clinical team. We will do all the work to get you there efficiently.

Spend More Time Helping and Less Time Administrating


average overhead cost for private practices.

Source: Rural Health US


of physicians reporting feelings of burnout

Source: MedScape


the number of specialists in urban vs. rural communities.

Source: HealthcareNews

We make it easy to combat these statistics. Live where you want and help solve the inequities of rural medicine.

Burnout was tugging at me after 28 years in the practice of urology, but then I found inReach. I had no idea that practicing in rural America could be so fulfilling. It was as if I had just started practicing again, with all the excitement and exuberance. I started three urology practices in Nebraska and South Dakota. The patients and hospital staff members could not have been more kind, welcoming, helpful, and appreciative. Medicine was fun. I worked with RPM for almost 8 years before retiring at age 75. It has been the best chapter in my medical career. I wish I had another 10 years to work for this wonderful organization.

Dr. Stacy Childs Urologist

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