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inspire Rehab brings occupational, physical and speech therapy offerings to remote and rural communities. With access to powerful recruiting and leadership training resources, inspire bridges the gap to quality care and recovery. Motivate and develop Rehab Directors with programs built to incentivize and advance your staff.

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Discover you hospital’s historical profitability and other key indicators in the Rehab Department

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Benchmark your hospital’s Rehab data to like hospitals in your region

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If the opportunity for the Rehab growth exists, then we will design a no risk proposal for the hospital based on growth of the Rehab Department

Recruit, Retain and Grow Your Staff


Rural hospital physical therapy departments are on average only half as productive as they could be.

Source: Internal Analysis


of all community hospitals in the US report difficulty in recruiting physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech therapists.

Source: Allied Health


of physical therapists said that burnout due to a lack of resources negatively affected their patient care.


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