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Key Features

Seamless Virtual Consultation

Our platform offers a direct connection between ER providers and orthopedic physicians. Through video calls or chat, collaboration is effortless and efficient.

No Additional Equipment Required

inReach Live doesn’t burden hospitals with equipment costs. Our platform operates on existing infrastructure, making integration seamless and cost-effective.

Provider-to-Provider Consults

Our service is designed for healthcare professionals, ensuring expert opinions are readily available for diagnosis and treatment decisions.

Image Sharing
Made Secure

Share X-rays and imaging with confidence through our secure chat function. Orthopedic physicians can review images in real-time, enhancing diagnostic accuracy.

Tailored Treatment Recommendations

Our orthopedic physicians will recommend appropriate treatment options or referral to a hospital-based orthopedic specialist, keeping patients within your system.


Dedicated Clinical Coordinators ensure patients receive their follow-up treatments as recommended. This personalized touch guarantees patients’ well-being beyond the ER.

Impact of inReach Live
Patient Retention

The Challenge

Keeping Orthopedic Cases Local

Obtaining specialized care in rural hospitals can pose a challenge. Orthopedic patients, in particular, often have to travel hours away for basic consultations. Your doctors may yearn for a resource to collaborate with, enhancing patient satisfaction and encouraging local treatment.

The Answer

inReach Live Orthopedic Hotline

Say hello to inReach Live, your 24/7 lifeline that connects you directly to board-certified orthopedic experts. Our web-based platform empowers ED providers with real-time access to seasoned orthopedic physicians, specializing in precise diagnoses and treatment recommendations.

Our partnership with inReach Health has allowed us to move from a very basic orthopedic service to a solid orthopedic program, featuring world class surgeons that (while not residing in our small town) have become an important part of our community over the last three years.

Manuela Banner RN, MHA, FACHE President & CEO
Doctor reading x-ray

Did You Know?

A staggering 38.5% of orthopedic injuries are inaccurately diagnosed by the Emergency Department.

This alarming statistic highlights a critical gap in the healthcare system, potentially leading to lifelong impacts on patients’ well-being. But there’s good news—a groundbreaking solution is here to bridge this gap and ensure accurate diagnosis and timely treatment. Get inReach Live and revolutionize orthopedic support for your hospital.

Source: AAOS Study

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