Rural Partners in Medicine has expanded services and is now inReach Health.


inReach Health Brings Industry-Leading Partners Under One Roof to Grow Access in Remote Communities and Optimize Rural Hospital Operations

In 2010, Rural Partners in Medicine was founded to improve equitable access to healthcare in rural communities. For more than a decade, the innovative team has been creating powerful solutions for rural hospitals, and placing talented professionals in communities where they’re needed most. This vital work has been made possible by partnerships throughout the industry. And with the brand’s recent evolution, these partnerships are being brought under one roof: inReach Health.

As inReach Health, this new master brand includes all of what Rural Partners in Medicine once was — plus more. And it’s supported by each of the four service lines listed below.

 inreach Surgical: Previously, this service line was the primary focus of Rural Partners in Medicine. Under its new name, inreach Surgical will continue to work with hospitals and physicians to provide surgery services to rural communities.

infocus Ophthalmology: Formerly known as Xygent Vision Care Insight, infocus will connect physicians with hospitals to offer greater ophthalmologic care for rural patients.

inspire Rehab: Rehab services will still operate under this name. Its physical, occupational, and speech therapy offerings have now been expanded.

insurg Med Device: This used to be called RM Solutions. And now as insurg, it will continue to grow — and to offer personalized service — while providing access to important medical devices in rural communities.

Rural communities deserve equitable care. To that end, we’re reducing the hoops that its administrators, specialists and even patients jump through every day. By uniting these partners under one brand, inReach Health helps communities implement new services quickly, and better delivers on the values that define their business:

Quality: Consistently delivering excellence and constantly seeking improvement.

Partnership: Leaning on transparency and common goals to elevate healthcare opportunities.

Innovation: Boldly serving as agents of intelligent change in local and rural communities.

Growth: Investing in our teams to provide leadership and accelerate to the future.

Accessibility: Making healthcare solutions available to all.

inReach Health is a powerful partner for hospital administrators, physicians and patients alike. Their solutions help keep patients local, offering services and equipment that was previously only available in metropolitan areas. And by implementing turnkey solutions for rural hospitals, they also create job opportunities for physicians who want to rediscover why they started practicing medicine in the first place. Bringing these resources to remote locations simply creates better outcomes for everyone.

Additionally, inReach Health is excited to share its new website, colors, branding and more. You can learn about how inReach is Strengthening Rural Healthcare Together by visiting today.


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